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By default when browsing opencart store categories and if categories has subcategories, it doesn't look very attractive and it do not catch the users look. Because it merges in the whole website and if there is not very much subcategories user can even not notice it:)

The second reason wht it is not very user friendly it may break your store layout, because some categories names may be longer some shorter and the text subcategories link may not align nicely on the website.

But not anymore, this extension will allow you to take full control over how your website refine categories search section will look. As administrator you will have the power to "designit" yourself, you can set to display the image or no, set the category image logo size, also can set to include into display the toitle of the category or no. If you want to show small or full category description that is also included:) you can set the limit of characters the length of how many characters from description has to be included.

And that is not all, since Opencart V2 became fully responsive you have in the extension also the responsiveness control, that is you can set how many categories to show on desktop computers, how many categories to display on tab sized devices and on mobile devices, so you always know how your subcategories will act and look in the browse category sections.

You even can set the minimum column height so all categories will align nicely next to each other. or bellow each other. PS: you can toggle ON /OFF anytime you need.

This is the must extension for the website owners who cares how the users feel on their website, the extension for these who cares how their website looks in the eyes of the buyer. And last but not least, Buyers will be able more easily to navigate because clicking on a logo is a lot easier than clicking on a small height link from a mobile phone (for example):)

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