Separate\Unique\Individual Multistore Payment Methods

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  • Price: $19.99

By default Opencart Has a great feature Multi store option where you can control all stores from one admin panel. But what if you run your website in few languages, or if you run your multiple stores in different countries (domains) ? and what if you require or want your stores to have different payment methods available in each? in this place opencart capitulates.

By default in opencart if you enabled 5 payment methods , all 5 will be available (brute forced in all stores)

But not anymore, this extension allows you as admin define which payment method can be used in one or another store, all you have to do simply enable the payment method you want to use and select where it has to be available, that's all, you can use payment methods on multiple stores or one by one.

In simple words with this extension you as admin have the power and new option to select which payment methods should be shown for each store.:)

This is a must to have extension for store owners who want or need more control over multi store website.

PS: Technical description, with this extension you can select even custom created payment methods in separate stores, can be used on any template, on any language. No core file replaces

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