Mass Seo Products Metadata & Url Generator

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Manage the SEO of your products from your OpenCart virtual shop in an easy, comfortable and effective way.

With Mass Seo Products Metadata & Url Generator -  you will be able to edit in a massive way all the products from your shop.

You can massive define  the variables of the product values to be used in all sections like:
- Meta title generation,
- Seo url generation
- Meta description
- Meta keywords

Let's imagine a situation, you have listed 1000 products with all seo information in each product section (edit product) and later once you already added all information you noticed that it would be cool to add for example a manufacturer name into seo url keyword, or meta title and what next ?

ONCE AGAIN the hard work starts you have to walk one after another each product and edit every section manually in order to add or remove some values. Let's face it, that it will take lot  of time doing that:)

So here comes into the play this extension which one will do all the hard work with a few mouse clicks. You simply define what variables to use in the sections (meta title, seo url keyword, meta description and keywords and click save) and that's all.  Each product has new meta data:) And that is not all, the extension is multilingual, so you can define different seo data for different languages, or even can exclude from updating one or another fields.

So this is a must to have extension for OpenCart shop owners who does care how good they are rated in google search results allowing you as admin to experiment with seo data by achieving the best possible results and to be as highest as possible ranked by google.

Maybe a small improvement:) but that makes a big change on how you will be creating your product seo keywords from now:)

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