Nulled / Shared Extensions

Nulled / Shared Extensions

It's been reported that several warez sites distribute nulled copies of extensions containing malware that can potentially damage your system, network operation, and compromise security in general. Note that opencartextensions.eu. (developer and owner of opencart extensions ) takes no responsibility for the damage caused by unlicensed copies downloaded from anywhere but the official website at www.opencartextensions.eu or www.opencart.com

Nulled software is an illegal copy of the product, the use and distribution of which is prosecuted under the law. It means that not only can your website be shut down at any time due to copyright infringement, but you will also be liable for monetary and other damages.

Nulled / shared extension versions are not supported by us, and thus are prone to malfunctioning after our system-wide updates and upgrades. Malicious code can also be embedded into the product which exposes you to all kinds of security issues, such as remote attacker gaining access to your system.

Do not trust such offering if you encounter them on software forums or warez resources. A genuine extension license can be purchased only at the official www.opencartextensions.eu or  www.opencart.com websites.  And only extensions purchased on these websites will include a high-quality full-featured product with a support and maintenance.