Auto Extra Custom Product Tabs by Tags

  • Developer: Programanija
  • Compatible with: 2.x / 3.x Opencart versions.

Free Upgrades: 12 months

  • Price: $20.00

Need to add extra information to your products? Need to do it massively?

So this extension is for you. Through the module, you can add as many extra tabs as you need. And Its the perfect module, if you have to add mass additional information about your products, shipment methods, size tables, measurements or some other information.

This OpenCart Extension allows you to create and organize new extra tabs to your product pages based on product TAGS. That is you create an extra tab and add a tag (comma separated) and if the tab tag will match product tag it will show this extra information tab on the product pages matching the tag keywords.

No more manual hard work to add the very same information to thousands of products, one by one.

(Who ever did it understands that it is hell of a work:)) repeatedly do the same copy/paste information to each product separate:) not only to mention that this kind of job is terrible boring, but it does takes lots of hours. That's why this extension was developed)

With this extension you can create unlimited amount of custom tabs in one place, each tab is fully multilingual and multishop, that means per each custom created tab you can select at which store it must be visible, and also add contents in different languages your website has installed.

Add as many extra tabs you want in your product page and provide any kind of information you want with rich content like images, videos, html and other...

No more long description of your product containing all the information, this module will allow you easily and fast organize the extra information to your products.

For better content adding you can use extra variables the ones will be replaced with real value of the variable. For example %product_name% will be replaced with real product name in the product page where this tab will be showed.


- Provide much more information of the products to their customers in a more organized way.
- Prevent any unnecessary inquiries or questions from your customers.
- Easy administration from your admin panel.
- Auto tab assignment to products based by tags.
- Translatable to any language available on your OpenCart.
- Easily adopted to any theme of your shop, if it meets the standards of OpenCart.


- Create additional tabs to your product offering much more information.
- Create as many tabs as you want without limits.
- Adding tab will be displayed on all products the ones will have the matching tags in tab settings and product.
- Manage content according using extra dynamic variables.
- Easily add content to the tabs using OpenCart WYSIWYG Editor where you can add images, videos, flash and give different styles to content.
- Reposition the tabs created by the order you set in the admin panel.
- Enable or disable Any extra tab anytime (no need to delete it in order to disable it)

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