Delete / Close Customers Account - GDPR Compliance

  • Developer: Programanija
  • Compatible with: 3.X / 2.X Opencart versions.

Free Upgrades: 12 months

  • Price: $20.00

By default opencart is not GDPR friendly:) And one of the feature that is REQUIRED  (IT IS A MUST TO HAVE) is account / personal data deletion from opencart store.
So Comply with the European regulations in force and continue your business serenely without fearing the possible sanctions of the National Commission of Computing and Freedoms on which you depend due to lacking feature of account deletion.

As by default if a customer search to delete their own account from the website, (no matter what are the reasons), due to missing feature they are not able to delete their account. So from now using this module you as admin can allow your customers to delete / remove / close their store account form customer account page. Allow your customer to delete their own account themselves.

NOTE: After GDPR compliance, each website must have this Feature for their clients (even facebook, has close account link):).

This module is a must to have for serious shop owners who wants to ensure GDPR rights to their customers.

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