Featured Categories Module

  • Developer: Programanija
  • Compatible with: 2.x / 3.x Opencart versions.

Free Upgrades: 12 months

  • Price: $20.00

By default in opencart you have plenty modules the ones features items in one or another way.

Latest module the one shows latest products added to your store, Bestseller module the one which shows the ones is sold most, Featured module allows you to pick up one by one item the ones has to be visible in your selected layout.

But what about if you want to show items based on criterias just from one or another category??? In this case the headache happens you have to use Featured module for every single product you want to show from the category and pick it up one by one.

And that is not the worst part, what about the rotation of these featured items from this category? once you use just featured items module it is stucked in the way you selected them to be visible, no rotation no dinamicaly changing content. So every time you want to show something else you have recreate this featured products module.

Lest face it , it is not what we want:) we have much more interesting things to do than pick it up all the time one by one items. And everytime...

So tired of adding one by one products to featured module and assigning them to layouts?

Don't do it anymore here comes the solution:) Featured categories module the one will do it for you automatically and allow you to create featured categories blocks within seconds with items based on your selected criterias.

You can choose how items has to be displayed in layouts. May it be by Date added? or price from lowest to highest? By rating? By Name from A-Z or model?

This is not a problem now you can instantly create these category items featured blocks with dinamically changing content and display it to your customers based on such criterias as (By Date added, date modified, name, price, rating, model and even most viewed items) And best part you will do it in no time:).

This is a must to have module for store owners who wants to look everytime "NEW" for their customers and all the time look like they do have allways new items on sale.

This module adds to your store new flexibility, new advertising options on any location of your website:)

Even at regular stores, sellers changes the location of items so why should an online store be an exception?

PS: Module is fully multilingual and supports multi stores

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