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It is not a secret that most of website owners ads categories and subcategories for better and more user friendly navigation. Most common practices are for example
Main category Computer Components, later we add more specialized subcategories like Monitors, Printers, Mouses and so on.
And everything is OK:) if not one thing in opencart we do add these subcategories for our product to be listed there , but what happens in a stock opencart real world example

Going to main category (parent) in our case Computer Parts we get an empty page because we have added products to last branches of our subcategories that is Monitors and Mices
and that makes our opencart website to look half empty or in order to reach our products we must click all the way down to the very last branch we added the product:)

But not anymore this extension will make a big difference how your website will show from now your products. From now main category will show all subcategories products , going deeper it will filter
the products again, so to make a long story short , from now all parent categories will show all products from their subcategories. That will make not only your website to look that it has more items on sale, but also will be more pleasurable to browse it
without hitting empty categories:)

PS: NEW FEATURE WAS ADDED (now you as admin can control at what category level items must be visible) In simple words you can set at what deep level to start show the child products

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