Apply Coupon, Voucher and Reward Points During Checkout

  • Developer: Programanija
  • Compatible with: 2.x / 3.x Opencart versions.

Free Upgrades: 12 months

  • Price: $20.00

We all love discounts, yes we do:) so why your customers would not love it:)? By default in OpenCart buyer can apply the discounts in the cart page, and lets face it not many of us first go to a cart page to see what we have in our carts and later checkout, it is common practice when adding items to cart, buyers later simply clicks checkout and proceeds to checkout process. And even they do have a voucher code or coupon code to be used on your website they are not able to use it.... And the reason is very simple they simply do not see where to apply the coupon code... The coupon code is not possible to apply when walking trough the checkout steps... So it can lead to a stupid situation:

User had a coupon, wanted to buy X item on your website, was ready to pay xx amount of money and to use coupon, but once he started the checkout process he was not able to use the coupon, or gift voucher or reward points and simple abandoned his cart and left...

Yes that is a bad situation but it is very common.... But not anymore, with this extensions users will have no more excuses or reasons to leave or abandon the cart:) This extension will allow users to use their coupon discount codes or voucher gifts or even reward points directly on the checkout process. So there will be no possible way to miss it:)

Users will get a user friendly notification messages if they tried to apply the wrong code or voucher code and vice versa they will get a successfully applied discount messages on using the correct codes. Users will not be redirected to any pages, everything works on the fly, user walks the steps, apply his discount coupons if (he has it) and clicks confirm to buy and thats it the discounts was applied, the buyer has made a purchase and you as a store owner gained one more sale and new happy client:) it is a win win situation for both sides:)

So stop loosing your sales, stop users abandoning their carts because they do not find where to apply the discount codes, make checkout process as easy as possible on buyers and you will get your reward (new customer and new sale)

This is a must to have extension for website owners who does cares about their customers ease to make a purchase, and does cares about making a long term business with them.

Technical Information: You as admin can define what box you want to display , you can make visible Coupon discount box, voucher gift box and reward points box, you can show one , 2 or all of the boxes at checkout steps.

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