Easy Image Uploader + Drag And Drop Sort Images

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  • Compatible with: 2.x / 3.x Opencart versions.

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Everyone who uses opencart knows that pictures worth a thousand words. And it is a must when you list your products to add as best pictures and as many as possible to make a breaking moment in user head to purchase the item.

And opencart do provide a nice file manager / uploader to upload images, but when it comes to assigning a picture to product, the headache starts.

Once you assign a picture to your product and want to add additional picture you have every time to browse all folders to the path where your product pictures are uploaded. That would be all ok if there were very little folders/images to browse.

But with growing product amount on your store, image folders and images itself starts to grow too. And with every single new product or old product edit. The problem arise.

It is very time consuming to locate the image to be assigned for the product. So if you have folder structure


Once you want to assign a picture from iphoneX folder, for every new picture to be added you need to browse all the path down to locate the image. 9sometimes it is even hard to remember where you placed those images:)

So here comes the improved file manager, from now on , once you assign a picture to a product, it will remember from wich directory you assigned it. And when you will be adding / modifying new images, it will instantly open the folder in file manager where the main product images was assigned from to your product.

So all you have to do is to simply edit/add image and you instantly will be presented with the folder contents where your images for that product reside. So all is left simply select/upload and assign it (no more where the hell i have uploaded it? question:)

So if we will take the above scenario. Once we assign to our product an image from Products>apple>phones>iphoneX folder, and later will add new image to the product, the selected folder will open right away from file manager, so no more long time wasting by locating the long path to the images.

Plus that is not all, with this module you will be able to sort your images order by simply draging them up or down into the desired order. Simply select and image and hold a mouse and you can drag in the position you need) (sorting works on smart phones too:)

As i say Sometimes even a small change, makes a big difference:)

This is a must to have module for those who wants to save their time thinking about business expanding, and not on browsing for the correct image location to be assigned.

Now you can organize your images by products/manufactures or any way you like into folders and enjoy image assigning like a warm breeze of a summer wind ;)
No more time consuming browsing for the correct image to be assigned to the correct product.

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