Hide Dashboard per User Groups - 2.X

  • Developer: Programanija
  • Compatible with: 2.x Opencart versions.

Free Upgrades: 12 months

  • Price: $20.00

By default in opencart you can create different admin user groups and assign your employers to it, for example you can create user groups the ones just ads products to website, other group the one can create categories and so on. But On dashboard page ALL ADMIN GROUPS can see all sensitive data, even if admin group is not allowed to see customers page, or sales page, they still can see the Sensitive data on the dashboard page such as Total sales,total orders, total customers , recent orders and so on....

No matter what reason may be, but as a website owner i believe if you disable the possibility to modify one or another group orders, or customers, that is obvious that you also do not want them to see any information related to sales or customers on the dashboard page also.:)

This extension will add new permissions to User Group Permission settings, from now you as Top Administrator will be able to Set what information panel on dashboard must be visible and which one Not visible for one or another admin group users.

It is a must to have extension for bigger websites where are more than one administrator at the website:)

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