Special Product Period Countdown (iworks in All Modules)

  • Developer: Programanija
  • Compatible with: 2.x Opencart versions.

Free Upgrades: 12 months

  • Price: $20.00


Want to increase your sales? Countdown Specials is your module to make it real !!!
This module allows you to display a regressive countdown on products with limited time offer.
This module is the best tool to tell your customers about expiring offer!

The module is highly configurable, so you can change the countdown style, set different messages, change the color, the font size, transparency and many more, the settings will allow you to match ANY theme color scheme by adding border, shadow colors and many more...

And that is not all .. The extension is also Multilingual. So You can set diferrent messages per languages you have on your website installed.

Most of these type extension can have just one countdown style, but not this one:) with this extension you can set diferrent styles how your message has to be displayed based per each special price. You can set how the counter will look, it can show just seconds, just hours, just minutes or akll combined:) you have unlimited flexibility how the counter will look. does it count a week down or just an hours. it is up to you

With this extension your buyers will see a ticking countdown timer in product details page and each module (bestsellers, specials, latest, featured and so on) on the items which ones you have set the special price.

Customers can immediately see the products that are on the discounts or products that end for sale as the module will attract their attention as soon as they visit your store.

And we all can agree that seeing the time is running out, forces everybody (even ourselves) to make a faster decisions:)

PS: Don't miss the the chance to attract your potential buyers attention on your special offers. Which ones last for a limited time.

NOTE: This extension does use real server time (not customer side computer clock) so no matter what time zone your customers are all of them will see the identical time left counter.

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