• Developer: Programanija
  • Compatible with: opencart Opencart versions.

Free Upgrades: 12 months

  • Price: $18.00

Having two or more ways to install extensions, modify the features can be useful, but it is usefull only if you have not a lot of extensions on your website. In OpenCart scene there is a major two types of modifications (VQMODS and OCMODS).

Lets take example i believe you also experienced:) that is when you install ocmod and click refresh in modifications section some of VQMODS stops working, and when you make these VQMODS extensions work again, the OCMOD extensions starts to fail.. Does this sound familiar? have you ever experienced that? or even worse due to that you had to stop using one or another extension?

If at least one of the answers to above questions is yes, keep reading further as this service is for YOU.

Both vQmod and OCMOD are meant to be used for the same purpose but they do work diferrent, they do create different cached files in different locations that's why sometimes you cant make to work 2 extensions at the same time.

But not anymore i do offer extension conversation service VQMODS to OCMODS or OCMODS to VQMODS. Do not mess up with your store from the very beginning by having installed different extension types, because if you do not experience issues now (but already are using vqmods and ocmods together on one website) believe me later or sooner you will start experiencing issues. (because using OCMODS and VQMODS at the same time is similar like trying to put one sock on 2 feet.)

So keep yourself from these headaches as far as possible convert all your extensions to be ONE type.

PS: Usually one extension is 1 xml file (but the conversation price of 10 usd is FOR ONE XML FILE) So if your extension contains more than one XML file that will be one fee per ONE XML file. Or first contact directly and we will discuss the price:)

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