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By default in OpenCart web-store you can enable / install lots of payment options (paypal, skrill, google checkout and many more....)

But when customer is buying at your website and goes to checkout and reaches the payment methods section, only text is visible to select the payment method, and we all know that none of users like to read a lot:)

This extension will help you make the payment method step more user friendly and more professional by showing payment gateway logos, the ones you can assign in the admin panel and also if you need you can add a short  payment method description (multilingual), the one will be visible next to payment gateway logo in the payment method step.

You can add as many payment logos to any payment method your website does accept,  you can upload any size logos and set the width and height of the logo to be auto re-sized to match the layout. Also if you run the multi-store OpenCart website, you can set different payment logos for the very same payment method to be visible on different stores.

This is a must to have extension for website owners who cares about user friendly options and wants to have more control over their website.

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