Diferrent / Individual Multistore Product Prices (3 in 1)

  • Developer: Programanija
  • Compatible with: 2.x / 3.x Opencart versions.

Free Upgrades: 12 months

  • Price: $20.00

Do you run a multistore opencart installation? Do you run several opencart stores? If your answer is yes then you know that from one admin panel you can control unlimited amount of multistores.

And that is very nice and cool feature. But what if you want to run your multistores with diferrent prices for products?? I believe you already know that if you run multistores in order to sell items in these stores with diferrent prices there is only one way, that is duplicate the product and set another price to it and later assign it to X multistore.

And yes this NON FRIENDLY method works, but it is a pain and time killer for you or your administrator.

Imagine you have 1000 products and 2 multistores, that means if you want to sell for a different price in one of your stores you need to duplicate 1000 products and set different pricing, later assign these duplicated products for x multistore (let's agree this is not what we want):)

So here it comes the module that makes a big changes in your multistore selling items.

Diferrent / Individual Multistore Product Prices (3 in 1).

This module once installed allows you to set diferrent prices for your items listed in different shops. Also this module will allow you to set even Diferrent special events (special sales) per diferrent multistores, and still this is not all yet:)

This module also will allow you to set different discounted prices per quantity in different multistores.

So from now you will be able with ease to make your pricing in different multostores the way you need.

Save time and frustration when you need to set different prices for your products in your multishops.

Don't waste your time anymore, concentrate on expanding your business in different multistores :) and even other countries:)

PS: This module DO NOT CREATES EXTRA DATABASE TABLES FOR PRICES. (so it must work with other price related modules)

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