"Only 1 in stock" Limited Quantity Left

  • Developer: Programanija
  • Compatible with: 2.x / 3.x Opencart versions.

Free Upgrades: 12 months

  • Price: $3.60

It is not a secret that the biggest concern of any store owner is how to make your customer to make a purchase:) And no matter what you sell, or what niche is your products. All people minds works alike, they do react on the same "psychological / emotional" Tricks:).

One of the most know psychological "push" trick is ticking timer that customer has very limited time to get the item, another one trick is to show BIG stroked trough price and offer a "Special price". But when time passes we as a customers get used to these "tricks" and they do not affect us so much as it used to.

And here is another even more powerful "Push to buy" trick (the one reflects reality:) to force your customer to feel the same urge as ticking counter but with more thrill:) because there is no timer... to buy the product until it is gone...

So here it is "Only 1 in stock" Module.

Even Amazon uses this trick knowing that if customer enter an inventory of less than 20 items, And product page will show potential customers the number of items remaining. Force Customers to make purchasing decisions and taking out their wallets a lot faster:)

Inventories must be kept artificially low to take advantage of this trick.

For a minute imagine yourself as a customer seeing a message: "we have more than enough in stock" (or as in opencart "Availability: In Stock") message on an ecommerce product page. And now imagine seeing "Only 1 in stock, hurry up!" :).

which message would motivate you as a potential buyer to take action?

With this module you as admin will be able to set at what amount of quantity to start showing the Only X left message. As and eye capture you can even show the message with effect of a blicnking.

The module is addressed for all store owners who wants to be ahead of their competitors and to take every advantage of potential sale:)

Store Front End
Admin backend (Admin User: demo Paswords: demo)

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