Sell Expireable Service Products

  • Developer: Programanija
  • Compatible with: 2.x / 3.x Opencart versions.

Free Upgrades: 12 months

  • Price: $20.00

By default Opencart Allows you to sell normal items that has to be shipped to users, Also Opencart allows you as admin to sell digital items(downloads) that can be downloaded in members area.

And with this extension you will be able to sell new type of products (services) .

It can be anything, hosting plans, serial keys, movie rentals anything you can think of that do require expiration date. Now you as admin will be able to sell products that has the expire date, and that means you can sell unlimited time again and again the same service (like hosting plan) support response for xx days or serial keys ANYTHING you can only think of:)

As admin now you will be able to create services (like you creating downloadable items in admin) and assign it to the products you are selling. Also you can define the expiration date when the service will expire. PS: as admin you also will have the control of the users notification about the services they have bought expiration period, for example you selling a hosting plan for 365 days so as admin you can define that once 4 days left till expiration the automatic email will be sent to user letting him know that the service he has bought is about to expire and if he wants to extend the subscription he must repurchase it.

This is a new way of income for opencart owners as services do not have to be shipped, packed and tracked or stored. And best of all these type of products can be sold again and again to the same users:)

This is a must to have extension for opencart owners who want a new way of income, or do not want to deal with physical items. Simply list the service you provide to user and set the expire date and wait for your buyers to buy your newly offered service:)

Technical info: you as admin will create service products and assign it to normal products, once buyer will buy the service product they will see it in their members menu new section (Services) where they will see the date the service was bought and the expiration date when it will expire, if you will assign a technical description or file to service users will be also able to download it) Once xx days will be left till service will expire user will get system automated email (the one you as admin will set in admin dashboard) so users will get email before service will expire and will or will not repurchase it.

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