Unlimited Extra Products Multilingual Tabs

  • Developer: Programanija
  • Compatible with: 1.5.x / 2.x / 3.x Opencart versions.

Free Upgrades: 12 months

  • Price: $20.00

Have you ever needed or wanted to have extra information added to one or another product?

No matter what information you want to add:) this mod is exactly what you need... It will allow you as admin to add unlimited multilingual extra product tabs to your items.

This is ideal for separating information by context - put the product videos into one tab, downloads into another one, etc. The custom tabs can hold any kind of information or even third party widgets.

Tabs are created per each product separate, so you don't need to predefine them , simply add your product tags while you adding a product to your website.


- Unlimited extra tabs
- Fully multilingual
- Sortable tabs.
- Add tab name and content in each available language.
- OpenCart CKEditor for adding tab content.

Add as many extra tabs you want in your product page and provide any kind of information you want with rich content like images, videos, html and other...

PS: This is a must to have extension for your OpenCart webstore, the more information you provide to your buyers the bigger chances are you will sell the product:)

PS: Is someone requires other version of the mod or custom feature addedto it feel free to contact at [email protected]

Can't find extension? simply email me the description of the feature you need to have in OpenCart (also email version number of opencart) and i will get back to you in 2 hours with a suggestion and quote:)

Contact me at [email protected]

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